Your Space, Your Style

Now that you’ve found the ideal apartment, it’s time to add the personal touches that make a living space feel uniquely yours.

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A Home As Unique As You

The possiblities are endless when it comes to designing your space. Simple additions like pillows and lighting can transform a blank canvas into a place that feels like home.


There’s no faster way to transform a room than with a screen. Use it to divide a studio or quickly decorate a blank wall!


New pillows can bring a fresh look to any room and let you seamlessly step into a new season’s decor.


A new light can go a long way. Brighten up your room and make it feel like new by switching out lamps and light fixtures. There are tons of sustainable LED bulb options that last longer, save energy, and money.

Transform With Wallpaper

There’s no shortage of ways to inject personality into your apartment, but our favorite options involve adding color, texture, and artworks. These projects all about maximum impact for minimal effort.

This Way Or That Way

Whether you want something cool and calm or loud and vibrant, create the look that suits you by sprucing up the wall and covering the floor. Anything goes!


Warm up any room — and you! — with the perfect rug. With so many sustainable, natural-fiber options out there, you can feel good about protecting your wood floors and the environment.

Wall Decor

Hats off to Command™ for making a wide range of products for easy, damage-free hanging. Try arranging your favorite hats for a wall display your closet and guests will envy.


Add some life to your space by adding a colorful bouquet of flowers. Try some tulips in the spring and orchids in the winter for some seasonality.

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Not A Chef? Not A Problem.

Just because you’re not whipping up Michelin star-worthy meals doesn’t mean your kitchen can’t serve a purpose. Love entertaining? Forgo the standard kitchen gadgets for an espresso machine, wine cooler, and soda maker so you can whip up drinks for any occasion.


For those with a serious green thumb, the easy access to water and ample work surfaces make the kitchen an ideal makeshift greenhouse.

WFK: Work From Kitchen

Working from home has its perks, including the option to set up shop wherever you please (even your bed). You can easily transform an unused kitchen island into a standing desk, and the ample outlets and storage space will come in handy, too.

Creative Storage Solutions

Running out of storage space? Stash your off-season clothes and shoes in the oven à la Carrie Bradshaw. We won’t judge—just be sure to unplug it first.


"Your home should tell the story of who you are, and tell the story of what you love."

Fetner FAQ’s

Get insights and inspiration from our lifestyle experts.

  • Q. I want to create a separate space in my apartment to use as a guest room or office. How should I approach it?
  • A. Try using a tall bookcase, a room divider screen, or floor-to-ceiling curtains to create a feeling of separation without sacrificing floor space.
  • A. The pillows, throws, and prints are from APT by Dormify — an absolute must-visit site it you’re furnishing a small space. You can find the wallpaper right here at Chasing Paper.
  • Q. I don’t have a green thumb—how can I get the look of fresh flowers without the hassle?
  • A. Our go-to silk flower retailer is Diane James. We recommend choosing a color palette and then selecting a mix of shapes and textures to create visual interest.
  • Q. I need some design inspiration! Where should I look?
  • A. Tamara Eaton and Anne Brewer are two of our favorite interior designers—you’ll find plenty of ideas on their websites to get you started!
  • Q. Can you recommend any cleaning products for my kitchen and apartment?
  • A. Fetner is all about sustainability from the way we build our communities to the products we use. So we suggest organic products like Mrs. Meyers, Method or Better Life.
  • Q. I just moved into a new apartment and I need new flatware. Where should I look?
  • A. Check out Snowe. They offer a diverse collection of home essentials.

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Our Lobby Looks

We want our community and guests to feel inspired each time they step into one of our buildings. That’s why our warm, inviting lobbies feature art from a respectable artists like Charles Patrick and Gregory Siff who made custom pieces that are rooted in the heart of New York City. We even feature Mark Heath’s “Bessy the Cow,” a sculpture featured in the famous Cow Parade auction — the largest public art event in the world.

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